Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Hating Game by Talli Roland

Mattie Johns runs a recruitment agency, but things are not going too well for her. When she broke up from her ex Kyle Cook, he had taken almost half her clients when he had set up his own agency. Business was now so bad that Mattie is about to go bankrupt.

Then when Mattie is approached to appear and take part in a brand new TV reality show and is told that the price money is two hundred grand. Mattie sees this as the answer to all her problems and agrees to take part.

Little does Mattie know that the show she was told was called “Second Chance for Romance” is actually a show called “The Hating Game” and that Mattie had been selected to take part due to her having a long line of exes to choose from because “The Hating Game” is actually a dating game that the contestants that Mattie will be choosing to date, are actually four of her exes!

With the TV production company not been entirely honest with Mattie, just how far are they prepared to go to make and manipulate in order to make entertaining television and to get good ratings?

Talli Roland books really make me laugh. They are written with really good humour that make you laugh out loud at times but also gasp at times at the behaviour of some of the characters. The Hating Game is a really great, enjoyable and entertaining read. 

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  1. Thank you so much, Nikki. I'm so pleased you enjoyed it!

  2. Thanks Kimba88 it is a really fun read, you will enjoy :)

  3. Thanks BH INFO. Will have a click on your link, I am looking for a part-time job x