Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Southampton Then & Now by Penny Legg

Southampton Then & Now is a fabulous collection of black and white archive photographs of Southampton in the past and then a collection of photographs recreating the same photographs now in full modern colour, so the reader can look and compare the photographs and see how buildings, transport and people have changed over time. The photographs have well researched and interesting information to accompany them. It is a wonderful reflection on the history of the city.

I am a fan of Penny Legg books. Penny really pays attention to the detail in the photos and she tries to capture the exact angle that the original photographs were taken at all those years ago, even having to avoid cars on the now modern and much busier roads of Southampton! I really enjoyed comparing the photographs and spotting the differences from Then & Now.  The information that goes along side the photographs provides the reader with good background information and present day information about the photograph. Penny Legg really brings history to life.

For more information about the author click the following link: http://www.pennylegg.com/ 

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