Monday, 20 February 2012

As Easy As That by Mary O’Sullivan

Kate Lucas is married to advertising executive Fred. Kate works as a personal assistant to one of the leading trial lawyers in the country Richard Gordon. Kate is happy with her life and all she wants now is to have a baby to make her life complete.

Then Richard suddenly says he has sold the practice and new owner Martin Burke soon takes over. Martin tells Kate that he has discovered that the highly respected Richard may have been involved in some shady dealings involving property developments. Then when tragedy strikes and one of Kate’s friends’ husband dies, her friend is left broke and penniless. It looks like her husband had invested all their money in Richard’s property development; Martin and Kate investigate to uncover the truth.

As things become unsettled in Kate’s work life the same starts happening in her home life. Fred seems to be more preoccupied by his work and more interested in his new graphic designer, Adele Sheehan than in having a baby with Kate. Things turn even worse when he starts drinking. Has their marriage starts to have problems Kate becomes closer to Martin.

Will Kate and Martin uncover the truth?

What is going on with Fred?  Just what is he keeping from Kate?

What I really like about Mary O’Sullivan books is that you know you are in for a really good read. As Easy As That is just that. You can not help but get drawn into the story and characters straightaway, it really pulls you in. What I liked about this storyline was the mystery.  I could not stop reading wanting to find out what was going on.  Mysterious investments, risk taking and tragedy, an excellent storyline from beginning to end make this book a must read.

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