Saturday, 11 February 2012

Parting Company by Mary O’Sullivan

Claire Hearn is devoting all her time and energy to her research. Claire’s father Frank Dawson runs the family business Dashern Chemical Company. He built Claire her own research and development unit, when she had left university. A purpose built lab, where Claire could get lost in her work. Claire is about to make an important breakthrough in her work and she makes a huge discovery that could benefit mankind.

Frank had built up a thriving detergent manufacturing industry from nothing. Dashern products were distributed all over the world. But profits are falling and the company was heading for trouble. Claire’s husband Brendan is the Deputy Director at the company. He had wormed is way into the company by marrying Claire. Brendan had never been supportive of Claire’s work and their marriage was falling apart. Unknown to Claire and Frank, Brendan had been researching and negotiating with a company called RTTI for them to merge with the company to go into making herbal medicines.

But is it Dashern Chemical Company that RTTI want?  

Do they know about Claire’s research and want to steal it for themselves?

Can Claire stay one step ahead and hang on to her findings?

This book is a thrilling read from Mary O’Sullivan, the storyline is excellent. Good characters who generally want to help people and show the good side to human nature versus bad characters who want to take something that could be used to benefit mankind and use it for themselves for profit and personal gain, showing the bad side to human nature, when money and power can be put before the value of human life.

I found myself willing Claire to succeed and to protect her findings from the people trying to take it from her. Not only does Claire make a groundbreaking medical discovery but she also discoveries things about herself and her life that she can change for the better.

Another page turner of a read from Mary O’Sullivan you just will not be able to stop reading this compelling book. 

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