Friday, 30 December 2011

Fire and Ice by Mary O’Sullivan

Fire and Ice is an intriguing and intense story about sixteen year old Jack Cantor. Jack is an extremely bright boy, he is doing really well at school, so much more that he has been moved up above his year group. Jack could be headed for a really bright future. But something is going on with Jack, something is not quite right. Ingrid the housekeeper knows she feels uncomfortable around Jack. She found some horrible literature in Jack’s room, really violent reading material showing cruelty to humans and animals. It would seem that Jack is more interested in death than life.

Jack’s mum Ruth is a busy career woman. Ruth knows that her son Jack is lacking in social skills and is not a good mixer and that he is unwilling to interact. She brushes Jack problems off as shyness and to Jack being too bright and a high achiever. Sometimes thoughts drift into Ruth’s mind that something was not quite right about Jack, but she sends these thoughts far away to the back of her mind. Besides she has other things on her mind when she finds out that her job is relocating to America and her husband Garry is content to stay in Ireland set in his ways running his book shop. Garry knows that Jack’s behaviour has gone beyond a phase and that he was becoming more and more arrogant and aggressive. But he has failed to discuss his fears with his wife Ruth.

Is it too late for them to find out what the problem is with Jack?

Does Jack just want to make a stand for his independence?

Just how far has Jack’s behaviour got out of control?

Fire and Ice is the outstanding brand new novel from Mary O’Sullivan. The reader gets a good insight into a family’s life and the suffering, damage and devastation that can be caused when issues are not addressed or go unnoticed. The storyline is very cleverly played out and keeps the reader engrossed throughout. This book is a lot different from the other Mary O’Sullivan books that I have read and is just as good and well written. I really recommend this book it is a compelling read.

Irish author Mary O’Sullivan is a wife, mother and writer. Mostly she muddles along in a welter of multi-tasking eating chocolate and painting in times of crisis!

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