Sunday, 11 December 2011

Strings Attached by Mandy Baggot

George Fraser is a responsible, sensible thirty-four year old woman. She is successfully running her own buffet catering company. Right now she is happy on her own, she is in a good place, and she loves her work, finds cooking fun and adores the people that work for her.

When her company ‘Finger Foods’ is given the job of catering for Rock Star Quinn Blake’s after show party. George knows this will be the most important event that she has ever catered for. She wants to do a good job and be at her best if people like the food she would get more work from people recommending her and recommendations are the best way to bring in new business and George’s company is everything to her.

Things do not go the way George plans when she meets the gorgeous Quinn and he goes to great lengths to get to know her. Quinn is engaged to his record company bosses daughter Taylor Ferraro who is a beautiful actress. Quinn is living the rock star life; he has it all money, a beautiful fiancée, people at his beck and call. He is a star who could have any beautiful glamorous woman he wanted. He could not possibly be attracted to an ordinary jean loving, tom boy of a girl like George could he?

This is an engaging love story from Mandy Baggot that is a lively and witty read. About two unlikely people who are worlds apart been drawn to each other. I really enjoyed reading this book. The plot twist towards the end brings the story to the perfect conclusion. Mandy Baggot has created an impeccable love story.

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  1. Thank you Lavada. It is a great read. Im looking forward to reading more of Mandy's work x