Saturday, 10 December 2011

Reclaiming Ter Chadain by C S Yelle

Protector of Ter Chadain Book One

King Englewood thought that he had killed all the members of the royal family, but three year old twins Logan and Teah were hidden away.

Since the murders King Englewood reads the prophecy every day.

“If the true bloodline does not rule Ter Chadain, the protector should appear and reclaim the throne to the rightful queen.”

When the twins reach sixteen they can activate the magic spell that would make his worse fears a reality.

Logan and Teah will become part of the revolution to reclaim Ter Chadain and have a big part to play in its reunification.

Logan must keep to the path of the greater good and get support from the dukes and duchesses of Ter Chadain. Teah is trained by the Magus an order of sorceresses to enable her to claim the throne.

Can Logan and Teah overcome King Englewood and reclaim Ter Chadain and accept their destiny?

If you are looking for a fantasy book that takes you on an adventure that is action packed and a great story then this is the book for you. The characters go through so much and grow in this story and this is only the first book in the series, so it will be interesting to see how the story and characters develop in the following books especially due to the fact that C S Yelle leaves the reader wondering what will happen next at the end of the book too.

C S Yelle is a native of Grand Rapids, Minnesota, USA; he received his degree from Mayville State University, where he first fell in love with the world of fantasy. He is the father of four, grandfather of one and enjoys time with his family, friends, the finer points of baseball and golf. C S Yelle currently resides in a Minneapolis suburb with his wife Jennifer and their rat terrier Holly.

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