Friday, 16 December 2011

Haunted Southampton by Penny Legg

Haunted Southampton is the expertly put together collection of real life ghostly tales. They say that Derby is the most haunted place in the UK but after reading this book I think that maybe it could be Southampton with its ghostly sightings and haunted happenings. They include the sighting of a grey lady in the Royal Victoria Park which used to be the site of a former military hospital. The Brushmaker Arms that has got a long history of phenomena and of things going bump in the night and a mysterious person on a railway platform and much, much more. You could not ask for detail any better than what Penny has provided. The people who are sharing their experiences are named and each stories history and past is well researched and photos are provided of the places and there are also some spooky pictures for the reader to observe. There are also some interesting interviews with people who work in the paranormal field including a ghost hunter and Britain’s youngest medium.

This book will appeal to not just the people who live in the Southampton area, but to all who are interested in not only the paranormal but in history too. I have never been to Southampton but now thanks to this book, I now know some interesting places to visit and explore. This is a thoroughly fascinating read. I look forward to reading more of Penny’s work.

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