Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Baby Thief by L.J. Sellers

Dr Elizabeth Demauer works at the Assisted Reproduction Clinic and when Jenna Mcclure visits the clinic wanting a baby by artificial insemination, Elizabeth immediately notices the strong similarities in looks between her and Jenna. Elizabeth had being adopted and by using equipment at the clinic she is able to run DNA tests and compare samples and she finds out that Jenna is her biological sister.

Elizabeth herself wants to have a baby but she can not conceive a child herself due to pelvic infections she had has a child. These were probably caused by the fact she was sexual abused by her adopted father. So when she finds out that Jenna is her biological sister she sees this as the perfect opportunity for her to create the perfect baby for herself using her expertise and David Carmichael who she had met at medical school.

David Carmichael or the Reverend Carmichael as he was now known as was running a cult church he called, The Church of the Reborn. A religious commune mainly made up of female members. The church was twenty-five miles away from the nearest town hidden away in an isolated fortress. Not many people knew about the churches location, making it the perfect place for David’s other work. David was also running a secret underground test-tube baby clinic to impregnate the women in the church using sperm stolen from the clinic by Elizabeth. David had become obsessed with creating life. David owes everything to Elizabeth. Elizabeth had kept him from losing his medical licence and going to jail in the past.

So when Elizabeth tells David she wants to kidnap Jenna and harvest her eggs and fertilize them and transfers them into her body, David as not choice but to go along with her plans.

Eric Troutman is a freelance Journalist who is at first only interested in writing a story about Jenna after witnessing her saving the life of a badly injured man, who was injured in a robbery where Jenna works. There is an attraction between Jenna and Eric and they begin a love affair. But when Jenna suddenly disappears will Eric think she has just lost interest in him or will he care enough to find out what happened?

Will Elizabeth and David get away with their evil sinister plan and will Elizabeth get the baby she has been craving for?

What will become of Jenna once Elizabeth and David have taken what they need from her and have no further use for her?

The Baby Thief is a really chilling novel about the lengths one woman will go to, so she can get the perfect genetic baby. This is another great thriller by LJ Sellers. Well worth the read.

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