Thursday, 15 October 2015

Racing Heart by June Moonbridge

Racing Heart is a romantic and deeply emotional novel about a young woman called Desiree and the heartbreak she is going through searching for her missing young son.

When Desiree is working in a perfumery in Monte Carlo and the Monaco Grand Prix is in full throttle, Desiree has a chance meeting with Formula One driver Lorcan Shore. The two get off to a shaky start, but fate is about to come crashing into them at full speed, taking them on a quite a drive of emotions.

Set with the backdrop of Formula One creating the setting for this this intense and beautifully told story. The motor racing is not the main focus of the story, so if like me you do anything to avoid the Formula One season when it begins, don't let it put you off reading this book. I found myself having   to pit-stop between chapters as they are quite long, but I liked the pace of the book with it's slow start building up to a satisfying finish. I do like to escape into a good romance and yes I admit I love scenes some may find a touch too sentimental than sexy, so if like me you like an adult fairy-tale… Then this is the book for you.

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