Friday, 7 December 2012

Christmas with Mr Darcy by Victoria Connelly

Dame Pamela Harcourt is an established actress, who is most well known for starring in television adaptations of Jane Austen novels. Dame Pamela now organises and hosts Jane Austen Conferences for Jane Austen fans. She is about to put on her first Jane Austen Christmas conference at Purley Hall. But when it starts to snow will the Austen addicts be able to make it? Then when Dame Pamela’s brother Benedict who is always in a fix or trouble calls to say he is coming too and not long after he arrives a first edition of a Jane Austen book goes missing, will this become more like a whodunit than a Jane Austen experience?

A fabulous cast of characters that are so well written, that they could all easily have their own spin off books that would make great reads too. I can think of nothing better as a reader than to attend a Jane Austen Conference and how magical that would be at Christmas.

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