Saturday, 14 January 2012

Lust Money and Murder Book One By Mike Wells

Patrick Brogan thought the world of his daughter Elaine. She was his world. Elaine was a child prodigy she has the ability to solve a puzzle fast and she has an incredible eye for detail. Patrick wanted the best for Elaine and for her to escape their humble lifestyle in the ghetto in Pittsburgh. So Patrick decides to send Elaine to a private school called The Bromley Academy for Girls who are happy to take Elaine with her high grades and test scores.

When Elaine’s mother becomes fed up of all the time and attention her husband Patrick is giving to her daughter she feels neglected and leaves. Patrick is the only family Elaine has left.

When Elaine is sixteen she joins a modelling agency. Patrick pays the fees. He also pays for all the other courses the agency Rising Star had to offer. But at the end of Elaine completing all the courses which are suppose to then bring in modelling work, the agency never call Elaine with any work. When she complains the agency owner Ronald Eskew he gives her all her money back. Elaine gives the money back to her father has he had paid for her to join the agency.

Then Patrick is arrested for banking counterfeit money and it is also found out that he has been stealing from the construction sites he worked on. He had stolen from his job to help pay the school fees to put Elaine through Bromley. The counterfeit money was the money from the agency but Patrick refuses to tell how he came to bank counterfeit money. So he goes to jail with tragic circumstances for Elaine when he kills himself.

Angry with all the trouble and pain the agency have caused and blaming Ronald Eskew for her father’s death she decides to confront Eskew. She finds out that the agency is a scam and that the agency as gone, disappeared with no forwarding address and no way of tracing them. Harbouring a secret deep seated hatred for Eskew she wants revenge, so she decides to join the Secret Service and to become a Secret Service Agent and to track down Eskew and punish him for what he has done. Elaine feels she can not move forward in her life until justice was done.

Elaine is accepted into the Secret Service and becomes an expert at detecting counterfeit money.

Will she be able to track down Eskew and avenge her father’s death?

This is an excellent Mystery and Suspense novel by Mike Wells. Mike Wells says that his goal has always been to write books that are engaging and entertaining that you can’t stop reading after a couple of pages. ‘Unputdownable books’ Mike Wells has achieved that and you get exactly that in this book. You are hooked right from the start, all the way through the book which comes to a cliff hanger of an ending that leaves the reader gasping and eagerly wanting to go straight on to read book two in the series.

Mike Wells writes in a variety of genre, thrillers and suspense, young adult and horror.

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