Monday, 1 August 2016

The Brazilian Husband by Rebecca Powell

This is one of those wonderful books that dives the reader straight into a story. The story is very well written about a woman called Judith, who after losing her Brazilian husband of fifteen years, makes a journey to Brazil with their daughter Rosa. There is an added mystery to the story, that slowly reveals itself throughout the book. Things are not what they seem and the ghosts of the past must be faced and laid to rest, before they can look to the future.

Set in 1994 with the backdrop of the football World Cup and capturing the heart and culture of Brazil, this is an excellent storyline that is so neatly done and so orderly set out that it is just perfect. The author clearly has a huge talent for storytelling and creating words that deliver a good story. Before you know it with this book you are well past the halfway point and you will just want to keep on reading. A very satisfying and enjoyable read.

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