Thursday, 21 July 2016

There Is Always More To Say by Lynda Young Spiro

A chance meeting, an instant attraction and a forbidden love. Thoughts of intimacy and what could have been are the essence of this book. Our leading character takes the reader on an intense journey of a long distance relationship of only a small space of time spent together, that shows a lifetime of love.

Every once in a while a manuscript or book is sent to me that you can see has the potential to be something really special and this is one of those amazing times. The book can be read in one sitting and it was read in one sitting with me. I could not put the book down. Emotionally charged with feelings, this is a book that deep emotions pour out over the pages. Words created beautifully, some may find it a touch repetitive, but the narrative which it written the character would often have those repetitive thoughts on her mind. So I thought it to be poetic. The jumping back and forth between decades was done well and does not confuse the reader. I liked the way the writer made the focus on the love between the two characters and not on their sexuality. A beautiful book. More please! Dear author.

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