Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Killer Diamonds by Rebecca Chance

Diamonds owned by the Oscar winning actress Vivienne Winter are about to go under the hammer in a glamorous auction expected to make millions. Vivienne's multi-million-dollar jewellery collection is not just attracting buyers, wicked grandson Angel has his own agenda, assisted by the unscrupulous Nicole. Taking in innocent and ambitious jewellery expert Christine in their scheme to scandal.

Wow! Is all I can say about this book. Speechless I am. How can you sum up just how good this book is? It is fabulous. With sizzling and steamy sex scenes that are so well written and done in the most outrageous and entertaining way, that they will steam your reading glasses right up. Leaving you flushed on the train journey home. A sensational story with all the characters needed and personality and charisma to make you want to keep on reading and it is one thrill of a ride. Living up to the bonkbuster naughty name this book is pure dynamite.

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