Saturday, 16 July 2016

Kidnap by Barbara Spencer

Five children are kidnapped, all have wealthy, powerful and influential parents. A serial kidnapper is on the loose and when news of an unaccounted for plane crashing reaches the families and police they must act fast to save the lives and to bring the youngsters home safe.

Told from both the captured youths and the police and families looking for them points of view this story builds into quite an adventure for the youngsters, who are used to living very privileged lives and now find themselves having to fight for their freedom and form a friendship bond with each other in order to survive.

I enjoyed the pace of the book and the chapters at times left me in suspense and made me want to read on and find out what happens. I found all the characters likeable and I found the storyline original, although I did find the ending a little bit abrupt and would have preferred a more neater ending, but I can see why the author chose to give it the ending she did and it does work.

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