Saturday, 11 June 2016

The Memoirs of 'I' by Yolanda De Iuliis

This is a yearly self-reflection of a diary style book, which the author decided to record her deepest thoughts and insights into her life. So that twelve months later she can look back and reflect on how much she changed through the year as a person and the reaction to her own life experiences.

I have to admit this is not what I was expecting from the book and I have never read a book like it. There is a philosophical side to the book and it does make you think and there are some very intriguing thoughts and ideas that really make you think. There is also a sense of sadness and loss about the author. That she is coming to terms with a personal loss in her life.

Some may find the book a little self-indulgent and not agree with the opinions and views of the author, the author does invite the reader to answer questions and to make there own minds up too.

This book is a deep and powerful journey into an unknown mind. It is like travelling through a forest of thoughts. It is a fascinating read and there are some very wise words of wisdom and some will find it a very helpful insight.

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