Monday, 27 June 2016

Join me from the Jotter by Nikki Bywater

Where does it all begin?… With, Once upon a time?… Where will it go?… From my dreams to the reality of the pages of a book? Or will it stay trapped within my minds hold forever? I have to let the words out… If I don't my words will explode in the depth of my mind, where they cannot seek light from the dark that is withheld within. So I keep them moving and a flowing. A steady stream of thoughts and ideas. I pretend I have a plan, that I know which direction I am headed, but the words carry me, they spiral into a mindset of their own. Pulling me in for the ride. Taking me with them every step of the way, guiding me from the darkness into the light. I hear nothing, I see only through a writer's eye. I hear the voices of characters calling me and telling me their tale. I sense nothing, but feel everything. I am their emotions and I create. I create a world in which they breathe. I bring them to life. I feel their pain and see their happiness. I know and predict where they are heading. I have the inside knowledge of what will become. I see the future. I can bring the words to life and see them flow and now the words are a flowing and I know which way we are going. To see them spoken and brought to life, by an actor so precise. To see them change before my eyes into a character they may despise. To feel their heart beating as we set the scene and we take our mark. To bring the words to life and turn the pages into conversation spoken out for real and we are running, time is filled as we go again and again, until we get it right and from all angles throughout the night. To lose ourselves in the role until we stop and think…

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