Thursday, 19 May 2016

Meet the Author - Rosemary Smith

Victorian Romantic Suspense Novellas by Rosemary Smith

These seven novellas, set in Victorian times by Rosemary Smith, are published on Kindle by Endeavour Press.

Each story contains romance, mystery, old houses, the sea, weddings, and a handsome hero. All the ingredients to create a page turning story.

They are set in Cornwall, Devon, Wales & Yorkshire. Rosemary has visited all the locations in her books, and lives in Devon.

Rosemary didn't start writing until she was 56 years old, and has never looked back after her first novella being accepted by DC Thomson. She has a lively imagination, and particularly loves the Victorian Era, feeling a great affinity with the gentry and old houses of that period. She does a lot of research on clothes especially, which she really enjoys.

Selecting names for characters and houses are particularly enjoyable. And Rosemary works her stories around titles she picks, and always knows how a story is going to end!

Born in Finchley in London in 1946, her family moved to Devon near the sea in 1959. Rosemary says she always thinks of Devon as home.

There is another book in the offing very soon, titled 'Love, Tears & Roses'
Another romantic mystery, but set in WW1 & 2009 on Exmoor.
Thanking Nikki for having her on the blog Rosemary hopes you will enjoy at least one of her stories.
All available on Kindle from Amazon

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