Monday, 23 March 2015

The Dream of Kings by David K Saunders

The War of the Roses the popular name given to the civil conflict that dominated the late fifteenth century is the setting for this historic novel. Back then the future King Richard III was the Duke of Gloucester and the story begins in the year 1464, when the kingdom is engulfed in a bitter battle between the houses of Lancaster and York to who will claim the Crown of England.

The author cleverly uses a mixture of historical events and figures with fiction to create an epic adventure of a story where vengeance, murder, hatred, witchcraft, betrayal, and deceit are all used in order to obtain power and control over a country bloody and on its knees from battle. In a land where all hope seems to be gone for most love seems to find a way through, and at the heart of this story there is a softer side to the harsh realities of war. The blend and battle of love and war will keep the reader intrigued to find out which will conquer all and be victorious right to the end.

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