Tuesday, 17 March 2015

A Change of Heart (The Heartfelt Series # 2) by Adrienne Vaughan

Movie star Ryan O’Gorman is ready to give up his successful acting career and settle down on the remote Irish isle of Innishmahon with journalist Marianne Coltrane. Marianne is already busy making plans and preparing for their new life. The peaceful new life they had both hoped to start living is soon shattered when Ryan finds he is unable to get out of the contract, he must complete two more movies in his trilogy of films. The couple also face further trouble when Angelique, Ryan’s ex-wife and mother of his son turns up demanding also that Ryan sticks to the terms of their marriage contract. When it looks like all hope is lost for Ryan to get out of either contract, Angelique leaves one more shock for the couple which leads to a romance story packed with drama and adventure.

From the colourful characters of the community of Innishmahon to the beautiful isle itself, which thanks to the wonderful writing of author Adrienne Vaughan I loved my escape to Ireland. This was so much more than sitting reading a book this is a book that is so real that it pulls you in and you feel you are no longer a reader but an invisible observer walking through the story with all the characters, following their story, and what an amazing story it is. This is a book you will find never as a dull moment and you will not be able to stop turning the pages.  I cannot wait to read the next book and see what further adventures await.

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