Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Blocked by Margaret Blake

Where am I today? In a place I never thought I would be. Is this the end of me as a writer? These are questions buzzing around in my head since I have been unable to sustain one of my novels. I have three at 25,000 words and can’t seem to get past that.

Actually I can feel physically sick when I think about doing some work. It’s a new feeling for me because I have been known to have three books on the go. Why does it happen? Who knows for sure? I read of lots of cures but none of them work.

It stems I think from losing John, my husband and friend. He was always my inspiration; he would never allow me to not write. And it was great to be able to talk to him about plots and characters. Alone now there is no one to bounce ideas off. Lots of friends but it just isn’t the same. My dread moment comes when someone asks me “What are you working on at the moment,” and I have nothing to say!

My last novel The Flowers Girls has proven popular but it was the first book I wrote on my own without John’s encouragement. I can do it...if only...

Review – The Flower Girls by Margaret Blake, published by Whiskey Creek Press.
“An intriguing tale – an emotion-packed romantic suspense that will keep you guessing. Mystery, suspects aplenty, secrets, adultery, murder, passion and love intertwine to give readers a captivating read. Ms Blake’s skilful prose puts reader right into the midst of her story and I for one, am interested in seeing what she comes up with next.
Dottie – Romance Junkies. For full review go to


  1. You can do it, Margaret! We will have to meet up again and bounce ideas off each other!

  2. Thank you Margaret for being so honest.

  3. Thank you for that, Margaret. When I start to struggle with my words and feel like I don't want to be bothered with it, I start a new project, a new hobby or go on an adventure. Sometimes one just needs a break for writing, a few days, weeks or months. Most of us end up back at the computer, conjuring up our imaginary friends. Hang in there!

  4. Thank you Pauline, Nikki and Paula. I really appreciate your comments.

  5. Margaret, I have no answer for you, but it is clear you are a great author as your book above proves. I feel your pain and frustration and although we don't know each other, you are always welcome to bounce ideas from me. *Laugh* I might not be great at helping, but I will listen. Keep smiling.

    1. What a lovely thought, Pauline. Thank you so much.

    2. Same here Margaret. Always happy to look at ideas from a readers point of view :)

    3. Thank you, Nikki, also thanks for the opportunity of being here.