Thursday, 8 August 2013

Automaton by C.L. Davies

Sometime in the not so distance future a world has been created. A world in which its occupants think is real and they have no idea their every move is been watched, that they are providing entertainment to gamers in the real world. Gameworld is as popular as a soap opera today. The people in Gameworld owned, unknown to them by people in the real world, given them instructions on what to do and how to act when they are asleep with their sleep masks on.

Dean and Lily are a couple who live in the game, for them people getting eliminated for breaking the rules is quite normal to them. But when the gamer who owns Dean, Luke makes Dean do something which is completely out of character for Dean, Amelia Lily’s owner obsessed with Lily’s happiness she is prepared to go to great lengths to protect Lily.

Dean must search for the truth to find out why Lily and his perfect life is suddenly been disrupted, even if the truth could not be anything he could possibly ever imagine.

Once in a while a book falls into my hands that I consider special, very special and this is one of those great books. I loved it. I really like that the story is so different from my usual reads and I found this book to be a real page turner. I only hope there is going to be a sequel because I was left thinking, we can’t leave it there, and I need to know what is going to happen next! If I could give this book more than five stars I would a superb read from beginning to end.

Cheryl Davies was born in England in 1978. She moved with her family to the Isle of Man when aged five. She obtained her degree in English Lit at the University of Hertfordshire. She returned to the Island and qualified as a teacher, and taught in her local primary school for almost seven years. This is her debut novel.

Along with writing and teaching four year olds, Cheryl loves walking her mum’s boxer dog, eating out and gardening.

She lives on the Isle of Man with the neighbour’s cat Pudge, and fiancĂ© Dean, who is yet to even read the book…

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