Friday, 1 March 2013

Allotment & Garden Guide by Twigs Way

A Monthly Guide to Better Wartime Gardening.

The Allotment & Garden Guides where produced by the Ministry of Agriculture. They came out in monthly issues in 1945. They were twelve issues altogether. They were to encourage people to grow and produce their own food, with seed shortages due to enemy occupation and to help prevent food shortages as the war ended. The guides were a step by step guide to help the amateur gardener learn how to plant and grow their own food.

This book is a history book, looking back at gardening during and after the Second World War and the Guides issued at this time. If you are looking for a gardening book to give advice for your own garden today, some of the information you could use, but some of it would be outdated now.  The books focus is more on the Guides and all twelve of these are featured in this book, with comments about each issue from the author. The book also features posters from this era that were used to promote the ‘Dig for Victory’ and the whole grow your own campaign.

If you enjoy gardening and allotments or history about the Second World War you will find this book a really interesting read. I learnt a lot from reading this book and I found reading the Guides a fascinating read. I think I have also maybe just learnt were my grandfather got some of his brilliant gardening skills from without ever attending Agriculture College too!

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