Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Nothing is Forever by June Tate

Flora Ferguson’s life is left shattered after the tragic death of her fiancé in World War I. All her future plans had come to an abrupt end.

Heartbroken, but brave and determined to move on, Flora decides to dedicate her life helping the poor and deprived children from around the docklands area of Southampton, by opening up a children’s home. Soon it is not only the children that kind-hearted Flora is helping, but other people in great need of a chance of change too. With the help of a local Priest and G.P they find that caring and trying to make a difference is no easy task, and that with their good intentions there are people with bad intentions who only care for themselves and their own criminal agendas and they will stop at nothing to destroy Flora’s good work.

Nothing is Forever is a touching and moving story, about one woman’s intentions to do good being jeopardised by all who are bad.  A powerfully told story that as so much going on in the story that it plays out like a film in your mind, and would be perfect to be made into a film or television drama that would out shine some of the programmes that do make it to our screens. The writing is excellent; I can say nothing but good things about this book and the characters.  I found this book to be especially touching on a personal note too as it did reminded me a lot about my own dear grandmother’s life. It is a realistic story of true to life drama. This is the second June Tate book I have read and I am pleased to see I have many more of her books to read, because I know if I have a June Tate book in my reading pile, I am in for a good read.

To buy this book from Amazon UK click here http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00632YGEA

To buy this book from Amazon UK click here http://amzn.com/B00632YGEA

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