Sunday, 17 February 2013

Barbara’s War by F.J Miller

Barbara Sinclair is a sweet and innocent eighteen year old girl, who wants to escape from her unloving mother and step-father. Barbara plans to do this by joining the Land Army, hoping this will give her the opportunity to escape from an extremely difficult home life.

When her good friend John, who she has known since she was a girl, kisses her on the day he is leaving for flying school, to fight for his country. Barbara feels shocked and confused, she had always thought that they were just good friends and she had never had any romantic feelings towards him what-so-ever. She feels she must respond to his feelings, fearing he may go away unhappy and hurt if not.

Then after a particular awful incident at home, Barbara learns that her deceased father’s parents, her grandparents are alive and she sets out to find them.

Will Barbara find peace and happiness if she finds her grandparents?

Can she ever love John anything more than like a brother? Or will the new life she seeks bring other temptations her way?

Barbara’s War is a superb novel set during the Second World War, about one young woman’s own personal war against the unhappy life and to seek happiness. It is a coming of age story that is excellently written, it has you gripped from page one and the wonderfully written plot is so very entertaining with the occasional unexpected happenings in the plot and the way it is written is in a fast pace which leaves the reader half-way through the book before you know it, happily passing time by too without you noticing. Barbara is a very sweet and likable character and I am pleased to hear that there will be a Barbara’s War Part Two, as I reached the end of the book, I did not want to leave it there. I cared so much about the character of Barbara that I wanted to read more and find out and to make sure she got her happily ever after.

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