Thursday, 4 October 2012

Surrender the Stars by Cynthia Wright

Set during a war between America and Britain in the early nineteenth century.

When the President needs an American family, he knows he can trust to live in London and who can mix in the highest circles of society. He asks Andre and Devon Raveneau. They agree to help because it is for their country, to help find the person who has been helping the British by leaking valuable information, giving the British an advantage. The president wants Devon and Andre to take their two grown up children with them too. Lindsay is a bookish girl who teaches at the school house. When not teaching she is always lost in a book reading. Nathan is handsome, intelligent and would quickly win a place in London society. The problem is that Nathan is currently in the West Indies so it is up to Sea Captain Ryan Coleraine to step into Nathan’s shoes and pretend to be him. Ryan is a tall, lean and strong Irishman who has just returned from sea.

When Lindsay meets Ryan she takes an instant dislike to him. She thinks he is uneducated, cocky, ill-mannered rouge and a ladies man. During the voyage to England Lindsay and Ryan find that they do have things in common and for Lindsay the adventure of self discovery has just begun.

Will Lindsay and Ryan be able to pass as brother and sister, when they must hide their true feelings for each other, love or hate?

Can the family blend in with British society and find the traitor who is telling the British secrets and helping them.

This is another superb historical romance novel by Cynthia Wright. The plot of the story ties together really well and I really enjoyed the story. What an adventure the two leading characters have, making a really good love story. The good news is that I still have a lot more books that I can read from this fantastic author and I can’t wait to get started on them.

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