Sunday, 14 October 2012

Ruby by Marie Maxwell

Ruby Blakeley had been living a happy life for the past five years in Cambridgeshire, with the host family she had been sent to live with during the war, when she was evacuated from London’s East End. The couple loved Ruby like their own daughter.

One day Ruby’s older brother Ray turns up to take her back to her family. Now fifteen Ruby does not want to go and her new family do not want that either. Ruby’s real family are very cold and uncaring towards her and Ruby had grown accustomed to being loved and cared for.

Back home with her family Ruby is treated badly by her family and wants to return back to her life in Cambridgeshire. She meets Johnnie and thinks she has found a friend, but when she gets pregnant to him, she knows he is no good for her and it is her host parents she turns to for help. The loving couple come up with what they think will be the perfect solution. But will Ruby ever escape from her past?

I really enjoyed reading Ruby’s story. It is a real life drama, set after the Second World War. Ruby is a girl who gets a chance to escape from her past, a girl who learns she does not have to settle with what she had in life and is given a chance to make something better with her life, but at the same time have her past catch up with her and try and pull her back.

Marie Maxwell was born in London and, after living here, there and everywhere now lives happily by the sea in Essex.

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