Sunday, 29 July 2012

Shades of Appley Green by Miriam Wakerly

A modern village novel

Steph is a kind, warm hearted, caring young woman. Ted Devonish had seen this and knew she would be the perfect person for his new mission. A charity called SSS Special Support for Seniors. Set up to help lonely, isolated and housebound elderly people. Steph was happy to work for the charity; the job was paid work, which as a single parent with two children to support was ideal for Steph.  Steph would go out and do home visits in the local community and surrounding areas, offering help and support and she had just come up with a brilliant idea of setting up a computer class at the local community hall for her clients.

Greg was her boss, the manager of SSS. Although at the moment there are only Greg and Steph working for the charity. Greg likes things done according to rules and regulations, much to Steph’s annoyance. Steph does not seem to trust men and when Greg starts to hang around looking in to the work Steph is doing, Steph is not happy. Steph knows that she has not been able to keep to all the guide lines Greg as set out for her.  Greg also as concerns about Steph and particularly about how much time and dedication Steph seems to be giving to an elderly gentleman called Jackson who is suffering from Parkinson disease.

By watching and chatting to Steph about her work will Greg learn more about Steph and why she seems to be obsessed with caring for Jackson?

Shades of Appley Green is a wonderful, moving and emotional, touching story about a young woman who as to come to terms with her past, before she can move on into the future. Set in the fictional village of Appley Green, Steph’s story slowly unravels throughout the story, keeping the reader intrigued and unable to put the book down. Miriam Wakerly as a beautiful way of writing that makes the reader care and feel involved. I very much look forward to reading more books by Miriam Wakerly.

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  1. Great review Nikki. Loved this book too. xxx

  2. Thanks Jonty, I am really missing Appley Green already! x