Friday, 27 July 2012

No Gypsies Served by Miriam Wakerly

No Gypsies Served is set two years after the story of Gypsies Stop tHere. Kay is now settled living in the village of Appley Green and she has made lots of friends. One of the people she has become particularly close to is Dunstan. Kay first met Dunstan when she employed him to help out with her gardening. Kay and Dunstan had ended up spending a lot of time together and become really good friends. Dunstan suddenly becomes distant towards Kay and she can not understand why and Kay really needs her friends right now, she has been receiving threatening letters and a phone call that is of great worry for her. Then when the grand opening of the Appley Green Gypsy site that Kay had successfully campaigned for, does not go to plan and there are problems, where is Dunstan when she needs him?

Dunstan is busy writing about his past. Dustan’s childhood was spent as a Gypsy. Dunstan had eventually broken away from his family and his Gypsy upbringing. But he still feels pulled back to his traditional roots.  Writing his memoirs bring back some emotional memories. But what is keeping him away from Kay?

No Gypsies Served is another wonderful read by Miriam Wakerly. Although this book is a sequel to Gypsies Stop tHere, this story can be read without reading the first book. I really recommend reading them both though because they are both excellently written and great stories. I just found myself really involved in the story and I have become really fond and care a lot about the character of Kay. All too often in literature Gypsies are presented almost as fairy tale sort of characters, very stereotypical and clich├ęd. In Miriam Wakerly books she really portrays Gypsies and Travelling people as individual characters and you get a more real life account of what life is really like living in these communities.  It is what makes Miriam Wakerly books well worth reading.

I am looking forward to returning to Appley Green in Miriam Wakerly’s novel Shades of Appley Green.

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  1. Fabulous review, huge congrats to Miriam and thanks to Nikki for sharing!

  2. Lovely, lovely review - thank you Nikki, Miriam must be thrilled!

  3. Characters as real people are what people love, Nikki! Thanks for sharing. Well done, Miriam. :) xx

  4. Fab review Nikki! And isn't Dunstan a fabulous name..?