Saturday, 7 July 2012

Full Circle and Other Stories by Mary O’Sullivan

Full Circle and Other Stories is a wonderful well written collection of short stories. From the very moving and touching tale of Into the Whiteness about a woman who is left in a coma after an accident caused by a drunk driver. This story is so beautifully written the words flow in a poetic way that really touches your heart. The other stories are all equally as good, they include stories involving crime, murder and mystery. To stories like Stronger than this that show the very best in human behaviour. 

I really enjoyed reading all the stories in this book. The stories really draw you in as a reader. The book can be read in one sitting. What I liked about the stories is that Mary O’Sullivan is such a clever writer, and although the stories are short ones they do come to a satisfying conclusion, and some even have an added twist that you don’t see coming. In this book we also first meet Jack whose character started off as this short story featured in the book and was later developed into the novel Fire and Ice.

I have said it before I am a big fan of Mary O’Sullivan, her writing never disappoints. It made a nice change for me too to read a collection of short stories, this is the first I have read and reviewed. I would certainly be interested in reading more short stories now, and I do hope Mary O’Sullivan will be writing more in the future.

Irish author Mary O Sullivan tries to be a wife, mother and writer. Sometimes she succeeds. Mostly she muddles along in a welter of multi-tasking, eating chocolate and painting in times of crisis. She lives in Carrigaline, County Cork, with her husband Sean.

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  1. Nikki, thank you so much for such a wonderful review. I'm so glad you enjoyed the stories . I realise how much time and effort went into reading and then writing the review and for this I am very grateful. Thank you! Mary

  2. My pleasure Mary. I really enjoyed this book and can think of no better way of passing a rainy day and avoiding the Formula 1 that my hubby Andrew was watching! So a BIG thank you to you too x