Friday, 1 June 2012

Star Fish by Nicola May

Tired of looking and being unlucky in love, thirty-two year old singleton Amy Anderson decides to join a dating agency. Amy’s plan is to go on different dates with men from each sign of the Zodiac. My hopes this will help her to find her soul mate.

What follows are a series of hysterical dates and situations. Can Amy a dreamy Piscean plan find her the man of her dreams?

This is a brilliant book by Nicola May. The book is a real laugh, written in a nice fast witty pace, as we follow Amy on her quest to find her Mr Right. With some great characters, steamy scenes and just a touch of sadness that does slightly alter the pace and emotion of the story, but the book soon returns back to humour and all in all is a fun chick lit story that is worth the read.

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