Saturday, 16 June 2012

Idol by Carrie Duffy

After a lucky break winning a talent contest, Jenna Jonsson was now an international pop superstar. She was living the dream. When Jenna after taking a short break in her career, gets the chance to record with a world famous American band called Phoenix, with a dishy drummer called Nick Taylor who for a long time Jenna has had a crush on. Jenna takes the opportunity to work with the band. Jenna can not wait to begin work on the collaboration with the band. But will Nick live up to the dream?

Sadie Lane always dreamed of being a successful dancer, but since she lost out on her big break, when it had been Jenna that had won the talent contest, that they both had entered. Sadie was still working and dreaming of getting her big break. So when Sadie has the chance to join a new stage show in Las Vegas that could make her dreams come true she decides to go for it.

Jenna and Sadie are two girls with completely opposite lifestyles. Childhood rivals, but when the time comes can Jenna and Sadie put their differences aside and work together? Or will old rivalries get in the way?

Idol is a sizzling, sexy and sensational novel. With two strong women as the leading characters that both have ambition and are determined to get what they want out of life. Making this book a great read with a really good storyline, lots of drama and some steamy scenes that are raunchy and racy. (So be warned if you are planning to read this book on the train!) I really enjoyed reading this book from beginning to end and can not wait for the next book from Carrie Duffy.

Carrie Duffy grew up in North Yorkshire before moving to Paris at the age of eighteen. After studying PPE at Trinity College, Oxford, she trained as an actress. She has worked professionally as both an actor and dancer, and she currently lives in West London. Idol is her first novel.

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