Monday, 25 June 2012

Better Days Will Come by Pam Weaver

Grace Roberts is a widow, trying to do her best to provide for her two daughters, Bonnie and Rita. It is 1947, the war is over but times are still hard and for Grace they are about to get even more difficult. Bonnie, Grace’s eldest daughter is about to run away to London.

Bonnie thinks that she is about to start a new life, with the love of her life George. But George fails to turn up at the platform, on Victoria station, where the couple had arranged to meet.  Bonnie feels that she can not return home due to the fact that she is carrying George’s baby.

Grace is devastated by Bonnie’s disappearance, but she decides the best thing for her to do is to carry on for her younger daughter Rita. Rita however has her own plans she is about to elope to marry the handsome Emilio. Unknown to Rita Emilio is keeping his own dark secret.

When Norris Finley, Grace’s ill mannered, manipulating boss offers to help her out. Grace as no idea what she is getting herself into.

Will all this trouble cause the family to be pulled apart for ever?

Mystery, family secrets and relationships make this book read like a good drama. There is plenty going on to hold the readers attention. The storyline is excellently thought out and a few twists are added, keeping the reader guessing all the way through the story. I really enjoyed reading this book; it is a book worth reading.

Adopted from birth, Pam Weaver trained as a Nursery Nurse working mainly in children’s homes in the 1960’s. She was also a Hyde Park nanny. Pam has been writing articles and short stories for various magazines for the twenty years. Her stories have been in several anthologies and her story The Fantastic Bubble broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and the World Service. Her first book There’s Always Tomorrow was published by Avon in 2011.

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