Friday, 5 May 2017

May 2017

Hi all

 What a busy month it is in the book world, lots of new books and parties to attend. I am just climbing back into my much needed reading chair after having to take a short break to deal with the real world. It's funny what life can throw at us when we least expect it. Sometimes the shock of a change can take some getting over, especially when it can so badly affect a person we really care about. But we are fighting back now and it does make me very sad to think this whole situation was caused by a lack of communication. I cannot tell you how frustrating that is for someone like me who deals day in day out with words.

It so wonderful when authors who go on to MAKE IT BIG still keep in touch with little old us. We do like a good catch up over coffee every now and again. It's also great to keep working with the same authors and build up friendship and acquaintances over the years. Always great to meet new authors and writers too. I love being a part of the book community and being part of the buzz of a new book.

Over the passed few weeks I have also been away writing. I have also been working on a new children's book with my daughter Chloe. She is eighteen now and a keen artist. We have been storyboarding some ideas and she is enjoying the process of watching her ideas take shape. I know she will finish in her own time and produce something really good.

My son Liam is now writing... Politics are his thing and he is very much in the know. Unlike me who needs to read up on this subject. Cannot let my boy down! So proud hhe now too is a published writer. Well done son!

So the weather is getting hotter... We all hope and I know you all like to read in the sun, so hopefully in the next few weeks we will be able to add some good books into your to read pile.

Keep smiling

Nikki and the team at BOOKS4U

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