Friday, 5 May 2017

Crime in the Second World War: Spivs, Scoundrels, Rogues and Worse by Penny Legg

An excellent and intriguing collection of true life stories of the crimes that went on during World War II. Using photographs and well researched information, from small petty crimes, to murder and many more, author Penny Legg captures in detail the crime cases, the people involved and how they were solved. We see the dark side of the war with crime rate up by fifty-seven percent between 1939-1945, with blackouts and air raids providing the spivs, scoundrels, rouges and worse, the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the situation, for them to carry out their crimes. The book can be used for reference purposes to dip in and out of, or if you are like me and find this a fascinating subject, you will have read it cover to cover before you know it! A great and knowledgeable source of information, that I learnt so much from.

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