Sunday, 20 March 2016

Wild Water (Wild Water #1) by Jan Ruth

Jack is a successful business man, however he is not so successful in his home life, wife Patsy has started to behave differently and there is a distance growing between them. Jack's life gets even more complicated when through his business he meets up with his childhood sweetheart Anna who he had left broken hearted years ago. He stills feels bad about hurting her and the decisions he made in the past.

Wild Water is a family drama that is emotionally charged when a family reaches breaking point. It shows the effect on all the family and how difficult relationships can be. There is a sadness to the story and a lot of regret and hurt. There is also a chance of hope, a romance and new beginnings. The story is written well and the long chapters, if you are like me and do not like to put a book down before a chapter ends, will make you work your way through the story fast and before you know it you are a good way through this incredible story.

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