Monday, 14 March 2016

Pandora's Gift (Pandora series #3) By Carolyn Mathews

In the third book of the Pandora series, it is a life changing series of events that lead to the unknown and unexpected. Pandora's life begins to change when Jay loses their home and business in the current financial climate. Pandora soon learns that her current job as a TV panellist may also come to an end. However Pandora must face her biggest challenge, as we enter the supernatural part of the story, she must find away to disappear from her life in order to fulfil a prophecy and risks her losing the rest of the life and the part of her life she treasures the most.

The great thing about the Pandora series of books is that the story is like a blend of genres all mixed together to make the perfect story. This is a story where anything can happen… Anything is possible. The series of books are intriguing, you just never know what will happen next. The clever way the author does not stick to one genre too gives her more scope to let her imagination run wild and enchants the reader into an encaptivating read that will grab the readers attention from beginning to the end. The brilliant balance of romance and chick-lit meeting the paranormal and mystique makes this and the two other books in the Pandora series unmissable.

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