Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Dark Tides by Mark Piggott

This is the second book in the Forever Avalon series.

This is an epic fantasy adventure that can be read as a stand alone book, even though it is a follow on book. This book goes into full detail about everything that happens in book one. This story is like reading two different books at the same time. In part we learn about Bryan's life in medieval Avalon when he was separated from his family. We also then have the modern day story about how Bryan's family are now doing since joining him in Avalon.

With a mixture of magic, fantasy and lots of imagination, we see the dark forces rising in Avalon to fulfil a prophecy. They want to bring back and resurrect Morgana le Fay, a very powerful sorceress from the past. If they succeed, she will be able to unleash the Dark Tides to cause destruction so big. It would change the whole of Avalon forever.

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