Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The Breakup Doctor By Phoebe Fox

Brook Ogden is a love guru. The person people turn to when their love lives are falling apart. She gives therapy, counsels through meeting one-to-one with her clients and through a weekly advice column. She has all the know how and experience and the licence to prove it. In her working role she is nothing but professional.

However things are the exact opposite in her home and personal life. While she is busy giving advice and helping her clients through their break ups, her own love life is falling apart and she finds herself engaging in the very behaviour she is advising her clients not to do.

This is one of those fantastic books that pulls you in from the very first sentence, with its fast flow and witty wording, your interest is immediately drawn into the story and you are kept fully entertained from start to finished. This is the first of the trilogy of books in this series by Phoebe Fox and I cannot wait to lose myself in book two.

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