Saturday, 5 September 2015

Summer Moved On by Jo Lambert

Eighteen year old Jess has always felt a much stronger connection to her Uncle Rufus than her own neglectful parents. Leo her father had always been cold towards her and no matter what she does she cannot do anything right by him. Rufus had given her all the care and love she had needed. Jess is a sensible girl with a bright future. Then she meets rough farmhand TalĂșn. TalĂșn has a reputation and is a ladies man with wild ways and although Jess knows she should stay away... The couple are drawn together and find they have something very much in common.

What I really like about Jo Lambert books is that there are never any dull moments. The drama and romance comes thick and fast. The pace of the book builds up to an amazing story. The characters in the book are so alive and real that you will become emotionally involved and fall deep into the story... It will take you a short while to adjust back to your real life. This is the first of a series of books and I have to say I need book two NOW! 

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