Saturday, 1 August 2015

The SW19 Club by Nicola May

Gracie's life starts to fall apart when she is left heartbroken after suffering a miscarriage. Full of grief she withdraws into herself, partner Lewis is also feeling the loss and through a lack of communication the couple drift apart and break-up when their situation is made worse by an indiscretion.

Newly single Gracie tries to rebuild her life and finds comfort in a group she helps to set up for women going through similar experiences. The members of the group are a great support system for each other, knowing they must find a way to live with the pain of great loss that will never leave them, she also tries dating and moving on. But she must face her past to come to terms and begin to heal from her tragic circumstances.

Although there is a deep sadness about this book author Nicola May writes the story with such a fast and lively pace that makes the sensitive issue of what this story is about easier to read and although it does move you emotionally and you feel empathy with Gracie, I could not help smiling at how many times a certain word gets mentioned in this book. I am no prude but I did find this unnecessary repetitive and not needed so much in what is a beautifully told story.

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