Thursday, 6 August 2015

Indiscretion by Hannah Fielding

After been brought up by her English aunt, Alexandra feels she needs to discover her Spanish roots. Half-English, half-Spanish she wants to re-connect with her Spanish side of the family. So she travels to Spain and explores that side to her identity.

When things do not go to plan she finds herself drawn to her handsome cousin Salvador. Just when she feels he is attracted to her too he pulls away and becomes distant. A few stolen moments are shared again but what is stopping Salvador from committing to their relationship.

Epic love story set in 1950's Spain is the setting for this slow burning romance novel. For me personally I like to see more spark and passion to a romance novel. Now I am not saying I dislike the book, because I did like it. I just found not a lot went on really for me to feel fully involved with the characters and the storyline did not pull me in. The beautiful descriptive locations and old fashioned feel to the story I really enjoyed.

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