Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Grumpies on Board by Carol E. Wyer

This is an A-Z guide of different and sometimes unusual activities and places to visit on holiday. With over three hundred different ideas to inspire you to get up out of that armchair and get out and see what the world has to offer.
The book is written in a tongue-in-cheek and highly humorous way. Author Carol E. Wyer takes you on an amazing journey all over the world. The book has been really well researched and facts are mixed with jokes and wit that will have you laughing out loud.
Although this book is really good fun, the tips and advice in it are really good. You do learn a lot from the informative information given in an explosive expression of witty words. There is a good variety of choice to suit all. You just do not know what to expect next from alternate destinations to extreme sports and leisure activities and so much more. Not the stereotypical holiday guide book for people getting older…. More for the young at heart.

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  1. Nikki, I actually have a lump in my throat thanks to you, your kindness and this lovely review. I really can't thank you enough. XXXX