Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Back Behind Enemy Lines by Chris Bridge

The story starts in Normandy in 1944. Anna is about to begin an adventure and war mission for the resistance that would change her life forever. Working undercover and given a new identity to spy and pass on information, Anna had already been pushed to breaking point by a dreadful loss in the war. When things are about to take an even more tragic turn.

In the modern day and sixty years later, Anna is left broken by her extreme experiences in the war. She had married and had children but found herself isolated from them and unable to connect. They want to put her in a home and she feels they are conspiring against her. Reaching out she befriends a couple of young students and through their help she is strong enough to go back and revisit her past and face her demons.

A very haunting and moving story, there is an atmosphere which builds up so strong in the way this story is told, that surrounds the reader with the sadness and heartache that the leading character is experiencing. The reader feels Anna's pain and regret and the heavy burden she has carried around with her throughout the years and her need for closure.

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