Sunday, 20 July 2014

Silent Love by Kristen Stone

Silent Love is a wonderful moving love story about a young man called David. The story is told in the present day, when David meets Sara when he begins working at her aunt and uncle’s animal sanctuary. The story also goes back to tell David’s past from his childhood. What is remarkable about David is that he lives in a completely silent world. David is deaf and has no hearing ability at all, not even with the help of a hearing aid or amplifier.

The story explores David’s difficult relationship with his mother, and his relationship with Sara and their blossoming loving relationship, and how she adapts to David’s world.  This is a love story that will touch your heart, and touches deeply on human nature and emotion.

I read this book in one sitting; it was such a compelling read. I found myself caring deeply for David from the start. It was brilliant to see a love story told so well, and researched by the author to give a true to life account of what life is like for David. Kristen Stone books always amaze me, each one you read are completely different, but they do have something which makes them all similar, they are all fantastic stories that will keep you enchanted from beginning to end.

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