Thursday, 24 July 2014

Brown Leather Shoes by Katheryn Thompson

And Introducing… 

I would like to introduce you to new talent, up and coming brand new writers, who I think have the potential to become great authors and write books that you and I will really enjoy.
About me: Katheryn Thompson is currently studying for A-levels at a sixth form college in her home town of Warrington. She wrote Brown Leather Shoes at the age of just fifteen, while working towards her GCSEs. Katheryn has always had a passion for writing, and hopes to pursue a career in English.

About my book: Superintendent Andrew Arling wakes in his living room. He can move his head, but everything else is fixed to the armchair in which he finds himself seated. The room is familiar, but not everything around him belongs: the pictures on the walls, the golf clubs on the carpet, and why is he wearing brown leather shoes? He can hear the distant voices of his family, but until he can put the clues together and save himself he will forever remain in limbo. Meanwhile, Andrew's daughter, Inspector Caley Arling is also on the case, determined to find out who attacked her father and left him for dead. Between visits to the hospital to see if he has fought his way out of the coma, Caley and her Oscar Wilde-quoting sidekick, William, must piece together equally beguiling clues that lead back to an unsolved triple murder and hopefully forward to justice. However, the closer they get to the elusive truth, the more dangerous their quest becomes and it would seem that someone close to them doesn't want them to succeed at all.

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And now for my review:

Superintendent Andrew Arling is surprised to wake up in his living room sat in an armchair. Andrew finds his body paralysed apart from the neck down, so he is able to look around the room, he finds some of the things in the room familiar but others that do not belong. There are pictures on the wall and a set of golf clubs in the room, and Andrew knows they do not belong to him, and even stranger why is he wearing brown leather shoes? Andrew must put all his experience as a police officer to the test to find out what is going on. But how can he do so when he has no recollection to when, why, and how he got there and how can he get back to his family?

Can Andrew’s daughter help? Caley Arling is also in the police she is an Inspector, and she is working on her father’s case with her partner William.  There biggest clue comes from the word Genesis written on her father’s hand, they must crack the case before time runs out for her father.  Faced with dangerous situations and murder and drug dealings will time run out for them?

This is a really good read, I was hooked by page one, intrigued by the end of chapter one, and kept in suspense throughout the book making me want to read on and on and on. Katheryn Thompson was only fifteen when she wrote this mystery novel, and she is a very talented and gifted young writer. Katheryn words are almost poetic at times and the writing is to the highest standard. I do like a good mystery read that you cannot predict the ending and this is one of those books.  I will look forward to reading many more of Katheryn’s books in the future.

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