Monday, 28 October 2013

Saving Saffron Sweeting by Pauline Wiles

When Grace Palmer discovers that her husband James has been cheating on her, she flees their American home and returns to England. Not wanting to move back in with her parents she decides on a whim to go to the sleepy village of Saffron Sweeting, intending to blend in with the quiet village life and hide her away to contemplate her marriage.

However soon she finds herself quickly settling into the village, and with a neighbouring big company employing lots of Americans, and those who have gained employment looking for English homes, Grace soon finds herself helping give advice from her knowledge of living in America and through her work as an Interior designer to local business and she soon lands a job at the local estate agents helping the Americans to settle in England.

Grace makes friends quickly and even finds time for romance, but when husband James gets back in touch will she settle for her new life and move on? Or can James save their marriage?

I just loved this book. I just thought it was an amazing read. I just really liked the way after a marriage break up that it was not all doom and gloom and depressing, but straight away went into this really positive story.  The storyline is really good and very well written. What is great about this book is you could not predict what was going to happen. This is a book well worth reading and I look forward to reading more books by this author.

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