Monday, 21 October 2013

Love on the Backburner by Barbara Oliverio

Alexandra D’Agostino, loves to cook, she has the talent of a professional chef, but is self-taught from using family recipes and just having a natural talent for it. You would think this would have been Alex’s choice of career, but instead she had studied hard for a degree and works in marketing.

Unlucky in love she likes to show her love through food and she cooks on a number of dates foods which she thinks will not only impress her date but food that she hope that he will love. Alex does not always get this right, with sometimes hilarious results.

When she meets Cameron Grayson at work at first she finds him annoying, but she soon finds that they have a lot in common. Is her luck in love about to change?

When a change at work makes her look at her life and what she really wants, she is scared about making her decision, should she stick to what she knows or should she follow her heart?

A good simple romantic comedy, that not only as a nice twist at the end, but also the bonus of having some great recipes included at the back of the book.

Barbara Oliverio is the daughter of Italian immigrants and grew up with a love of books and a passion for learning. She lives in suburban Denver where she and her husband enjoy good food, travel, music and disputing pro football (Go Steelers!). She has been a teacher, journalist and marketer, and writes for everything from periodicals to the web. This is her first novel.

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