Sunday, 19 May 2013

STRIKER by Michelle Betham

Amber Sullivan had grown up in the professional football world, her father is an ex professional player and Amber works for a local TV news station and had become the shows first ever female sports editor. Amber had seen it all and knew full well the reputations footballers have when it comes to women. She had ended up hurt herself from a past relationship with a player and now she chose to stay well away from any romantic involvement whatsoever with a footballer.

However when a young, sexy, player Ryan Fisher joins Newcastle Redstar, he finds Amber a challenge, finding her different from all the other girls, who given a chance will give Ryan anything he wants and he is always willing to take it.  Well aware of Ryan’s reputation and that he is eleven years her junior, Amber is attracted to Ryan, but with her ex back in her life and Ryan having secrets in his past is Amber running the risk of getting hurt again?

With some very well written racy scenes, this is another, steamy and sensational novel from author Michelle Betham. Set in the North East of England and concentrating on Amber’s intense relationships of being torn between two men, it is an enjoyable and entertaining read. If you like Footballers Wives or Jackie Collin novels then you will really enjoy this book.

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